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Features of trash can

There are nine primary functional characteristics of environmental sanitation trash can

1, forming one of the plastic structure, durable, can have a variety of external shocks;

2, injection molding, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance;

3, the box mouth thick reinforcement, can cooperate with mechanical promotion device or sanitation vehicle use;

4, the barrel body can overlap each other, convenient transportation, save storage space and cost;

5, close the lid, which can prevent the odor distribution, water intrusion, mosquitoes and flies;

6, inside and outside the surface smooth, easy to clean and empty trash;

7, the bottom of the barrel is particularly enhanced, not easy to collapse, deformation and wear, prolong the service life of the product;

8, the design conforms to the human body engineering, the lightweight and durable, mobile is flexible;

9, color can be customized, diverse, suitable for different environment and garbage collection.

Enjoy Win-Win Limited supply all kinds of high quality rubbish bin.

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